About us

A Beauty Destinations For You!.

Glmr is an online beauty destination for all beauty woman out there, one of the powerful beauty platform for beauty head-to-toe products.

All your favorite brand in one place, offering customers with a wide range of quality products.

We partner with local companies and international leading merch companies. Glmr provide convenience to the customer with reliable, trustworthy and personalized customer care.

Our mission is to be the biggest "one-stop" beauty platform in Asia. Glmr cater from distribution channel, branding to marketing activities, giving you exposure on our social media platforms, a convenient way in earning revenue streams.

We targeted wide range segment customers, beauty addict that aim convenience, product authenticity, value in products and quality.

Geographically those who live in Indonesia and Asia. Demographically we cater for all beauty and GLAMOUR woman in Asia, from middle to upper class, woman who love to look good, feel good and be GLAMOUR.